My buddy Dave of Wildcat Computers infamy has asked me to make a space ship for him to submit to the Eve Online contest. The final day is today, so I’m rushing to finish it up, but I still need a top and bottom view. I’m going to work on those shortly, but first I wanted to show off how far I’ve come, in case I decide to give up hope and run away screaming like a character in a tentacle porn comic.

As you can see, there’s still plenty of work to be done, but at least the basic look is in place. I wish I could show you things like exploded views, but really, I’m only vaguely aware of what those would look like, and there’s just no time to produce them.

Maybe if I were offered money…

Here’s a composite closeup:

It’s pretty basic, and I haven’t even tried to render it in a 3D programme, which is just as well because I simply don’t have 3D chops yet. I used some pretty simple cheats to create the level of detail in the deck sections, but I know I could make it look a lot more realistic if I just had the time to keep tweaking my vectors. I didn’t really know how much time I had to work on it when I started, and I was busy working on the novel outline, but considering it’s less than twenty-four hours of work in illustrator so far, I think it looks pretty cool.

Now if only I could make myself finish it…


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