Non-Event Reportage

I don’t really have any goodies to report at present. I haven’t worked on the music in days… several days, actually. I was hoping to do a bit of recording with Gary last Thursday, but sadly, his schedule filled up and he had to stand me up. And now he’s unable to join me because he’s recovering from a surgical procedure. Yes, Gary and I have finally been joined at the… hip. Yeah, that’s it.

I DID do some more work with Going through The Motions last week, but I kind of got sidetracked when I tried to record a new guitar track for one of the other songs… can’t remember which, I was so despondent. Probably The Dark Age or Waiting or something.

Anyway, I haven’t listened to the results yet, so I’ll have to do that before I upload any more demos. I should probably include links to the stuff that already has been recently reuploaded, since I changed the directory to correct a spelling mistake and get rid of the old demos.

      01 The Dark Age
      02 Kharmic Wheel
      03 I Want Someone Close To Me
      04 Erinsong 1 - Time Passes By
      05 Erinsong 2 - Keep On Going
      06 Erinsong 3 - You're Right
      07 The Dream Falls
      08 Going Through The Motions
      09 Waiting

Remember, these are all demos from the last month or so of off-and-on recording, and some of these tracks will probably sound quite different when I finally reach their final versions. I mean, for starters, I plan on getting Gary to rerecord most if not all of the guitar parts, of which he’s only had time and opportunity to do with a couple of tracks so far. Perhaps one day we’ll actually find a way to make some money and put it into a full blown studio recording with an engineer and maybe a producer to make it sound right. Until then, these demos will have to serve.

I also plan on recording about eight or nine more songs (not all will go on the final album, you understand), some of which will be much heavier in sound (though some, including Gary’s girlfriend, may be disappointed to hear will not be heavy metal tunes) if I can help it. I just need to sit back down and play more guitar and get the guitar parts written to include things like distorted power chords and such. I can do that. Honest.

Anyway, talking about making music is like talking about sex; it can be exciting up to a point, but is rarely as good as full demonstrations ‘with the circles and diagrams on the back showing what each one is’.

Time to go work on something else…


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