911 – Emergency Call – My Life Has Fallen Down and It Can’t Get Up (Get On Up)

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that’s a weird title. Today just seems to call for a plea for help with some levity thrown in.

  • We (and by ‘we, I really mean Bill Mehlenbacher. Thanks, Bill.) started a new Facebook Group to catch all of the members who were locked out of the old neighbourhood association group that our so-called communications officer decided to shut down.
  • Our Prime Minister has decided to push another omnibus bill through Parliament, figuring we won’t stop him from further mayhem and upheaval to our social institutions. Worst part is, the fascist bastard’s probably right, because we don’t have a culture of protest in Canada.
  • My hope of doing the Carter Park Mural has been postponed because the group responsible are waiting for more money for the artists before they decide. Painting won’t start until spring now, and there were twelve applicants when the money was too low. No idea how many will apply when the fee goes up. That’s alright. I want the best artist on the job. Just frustrated at having to wait. More time to draw, though.
  • My wife and I had out 7th anniversary on Monday, and because we were at City Hall to support the neighbourhood Action Plan Initiative, we didn’t get to do anything nice. We didn’t really have money to do anything nice either. Fortunately, Dawn’s birthday is on Friday, and we get money on that day, so we may be able to set things right then.
  • Interest in my band’s album has dwindled to nothing. I did make three sales. But that was all on the first day. Almost two weeks later, nothing has really changed. More plays (but less every day) and more buzz (likewise), but no sales. This parrot has passed on.
  • Book sales have ceased. I’m going to finish the current book ASAP, but it’s not inspiring me with hope.

That’s all I can think of to grouse about. I have to do the dishes sometime today. Good times.


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