A Few Quick Notes

Hi Gang,

I have to go mail a book and CD to a friend around the world.

I have a lot of poster boards to design, including illos, but I have no data to work from.


I have paintings that need to be mounted and/or painted before next Saturday.  This also requires a trip to curry’s for mounting boards.

I have to pay my internet and my rent.

I have to buy groceries before we starve, or worse, dine out.

I have to do some laundry, which requires change I can’t get unless I cross town to a CIBC chain that’s open today.

I have to go find a clean shirt and go start running errands. Maybe visit my friends in South Sherman for their neighbourhood yard sale.

I have a set list of songs to continue rehearsing, on the off chance that I score a gig to play this summer.

I want to go see Terra Lightfoot in Westdale today, but it might not happen.

I should go now.

Thanks for reading.


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