A Kind Of Breakdown In Progress

Okay, so I’ve been busy over the last week. Understatement is my forte. I’ve been to meetings, helped build a community garden, formatted a newsletter, and I’ve been working like a demon to prepare a really, really ginchy birdseye view map of my neighbourhood for the same newsletter, and as well for printing in poster size, so I can sell the prints for money and stuff. Especially money. I’m basically broke, and I have one more MAJOR expense to oversee (and a few minor ones, like bread and milk and a plot at the new community garden). So really, making money is foremost in my mind.

So this illustrated map I’m doing? It’s almost half done, and it already looks pretty impressive. Well, see for yourself:
Birdseye view map of Stinson neighbourhood (HamOnt; unfinished)

The thing is, I’m trying to get the scale right, but because of the weird dimensions I imposed on the street lengths early on to achieve the fishbowl effect I’m going for, I inadvertently made some of the street lengths much, much longer than I really intended. In hindsight, I had the right idea, but the wrong lengths, so some of these houses and buildings are being drawn smaller than they should be, and the street I just tried to illustrate turns out to be wrong, because I thought I had two more houses on either side of the street to draw, when in fact, I had just failed to draw a few of the houses large enough to use up the street length properly. My original area map has failed me, because I based it on the City’s asset map design (with my own modifications to simplify it for easy yard sale hunting).

Now the smart thing to do would be to redraw the whole thing with better street lengths in place. In fact, it would probably speed up the whole process if I did it. Problem is, I can’t gamble on having enough time to redraw the map AND get the rest of the zine done in time. So I have to try to muddle through with what I’ve got, and perhaps do a perfected map after it’s all done, for my purposes.

Problem there, of course, is that I stand to make more money drawing other neighbourhoods. And I have to seriously consider whether I have the patience for that, particularly since I started small(ish) with Stinson, and most of the neighbourhoods are considerably larger. And as well, for prints of this level of detail, I would have to charge a considerable amount of money for my time, and it might be problematic for some folks from some neighbourhoods to pay what I have in mind, because, lets face it, most of us are on hard times in Hamilton these days, and the ones who aren’t doing so badly can’t afford to be throwing money around to support every artist in town. It’s a limited market, even if you have a seemingly guaranteed money making idea like this one.

Anyway, that’s my story for today. I’m also once again trying to sell some original art paintings. This time, however, I am doing it through my Facebook gallery. You can find the page HERE. Yes, I realize real people sell their art on Ebay or Etsy or something like that. I would do the same, but really, I don’t actually honestly know how, and I don’t have time to figure it out at the moment. So if someone wants to help me out with that, or perhaps pimp my work out to someone who DOES know how to auction art, I’d be most appreciative if you set up a contact meeting for me. I really need money. Oh, I already said that. Sorry.

Time to wrap this up. I have to get back to work. Talk to you soon.


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