A Little Birdy Told Me…

…that in the New Year, I’m going to be putting up the prices of all my ebooks, including my short stories.

I know, that’s crazy talk, right? (Why do I hear Peanut here saying, “He’s gone Cray-Cray”?)

Well, *ahem* I’m here to tell you, it could happen.

So if you were thinking of buying any of my nifty, nicely-priced Ebooks, TODAY WOULD BE THE DAY TO DO IT, before it winds up costing you, oh, say, a dollar or two more. Just sayin’.

Angela-01c Never Apologize-01c Dust Jacket 6x9 Template Dust Jacket 6x9 Template TMcov003b TBR_Limbo_003a LTv1_001b Ashes: Infinite Redress The Bride of War Terminal-Monday-cover-003-UOa

Thank you for reading. Have a Happy New Year.


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