A Little Festive Decoration

I think my wife would like me to make a proper blog post about the decorations we put up over the last couple of days. I’m struggling with this one because I’m hungry and dinner is in the oven. nevertheless, I shall personfully (yeah, I know) face up to the challenge and hope my guts don’t explode like John Hurt.

First up, the window display, which is an annual thing we’ve been doing since Dawn moved here, because my front window is fairly broad and everyone walks by it sooner or later:


Here you can see a security panther coming to inspect:


And here we see the Christmas Tree in the window, complete with lights:

Mom’s snowflake:

And now, the window, all lit up:

Now. we also did a Christmas tree indoors, which looks like this:


And now, the resident panther and ocelot come to inspect the tree for stability issues:


Plus a glamour shot of the ocelot:

Plus one more window shot, Walking in a Limbo Wonderland:

Season’s Greetings.

Lee and Dawn (and the cats)

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