A Little More Progress

Somethign I hadn’t really memntioned before is that I’ve basically been unhappy with the basic layout of my logo for The Art of Words almost from the start. Ever since I arrived at the final layout for the opening page, I’ve been struggling to (get the energy to) figure out how I would rework the logo to fit the page better. I didn’t mention it because, frankly, i wasn’t sure if I was going to do it at all (the logo, that is).

Well, last night, I decided to sketch it out, and today I implemented it. Voilá:

VFMD 2011 07 29a

I’m gonna print it out and draw the frond patterns into the ART letters, and I’ll replace the block text I’d used int he previosu version of the WORDS letters witht he new shapes, with the added bonus that the block text should fit better this time.

Any road, back to work. Thanks for reading.


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