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Hey, Mackronauts!

Today I think I’ll be done working on the preliminary version of Show Me Something. What will appear on the final album will be a bit different, but I’m gonna be sorting that out in computer software, because I simply don’t have enough time to rehearse and play through the entire suite from front to back yet. Had to level with you there. In proper progressive rock fashion, we’re going to learn the tricky pieces in rehearsal after the album is ready to go. Then we’ll go out and play the stuff live. With the amount of material we have to choose from at this point in our lives, we’ll have no problem filling up a set list, which is ample vindication for me.

The tune has turned into another kind of shamble, distinct from the Jack Daniels take we did back in the 90s. It’s kind of amusing, because I hadn’t really envisioned it this way, but it’s Gary’s wish to make it more of a soulful belter, and as a consequence, the chorus parts have turned into this Drunken Tabernacle Choir affair, which again is something I haven’t really imagined in my music since the 90s. I suppose I should have seen it coming, as this tune never wanted to be carefully arranged and performed to within an inch of its life. It’s probably been obvious to everyone but me, really. I’m beginning to wonder if it even belongs in the suite, but I don’t like the idea of dissecting the suite before I’ve had time to see if it works.

At any rate, I’m listening to completely different music right now to clear my head, because I rather spoil my ears for the work when I insist on playing this stuff over and over trying to figure out how to make it right. The answer to my immediate problem with Show Me Something is that I’ll have to get all of the singers into a room and make them sing it together, and that’s just not going to happen today.

The weather’s been perking up a bit again, which leads me once more to thoughts of shooting the video for Here It Comes Again, which I want to shoot out of doors. I’m also starting to think about this whole choir thing, and how I’ve been trying to simulate a choir with a number of my backing vocals, which would really work a lot better if it weren’t always me singing all of the parts. I sing backing vocals well enough (when my voice doesn’t give out, which happens all too often lately), but that doesn’t change the fact that the songs excite just that much more if I get other voices in there instead. Nothing sounded as fun as having Derrick, Gary and Dave singing backing vocals on Here We Go Again all those years ago. My solo choir (which I’ve long referred to as The People’s Republic of Limbo) efforts are fun on a technical level, and when I get them right (as on Here It Comes Again), they sound pretty cool, but nothing beats having a band full of vocalists, I’ve found.

I miss it. I miss the blend of voices we had. It was different. Derrick and I used to have this weird ‘Peter & Phil’ thing going on, where he would double a lot of my lines and it just sounded like SOMETHING. I can put up with a lot of wilful and deliberate obstreperousness to have a distinctive sound like that.

Anyway, I’m monkeying with Etcetera’s Here We Go Again, the original acoustic take before I rearranged the piece with more changes to make it less accidentally monotonous. I was always disappointed with the track because I’d had to bootstrap the acoustic performance onto a separate track which was hard right to the band’s hard left vocal performance. Well, today I finally figured out how to meld them together, and it sounds good. I think I’ll go post it somewhere for fun. BRB.

And here it is:
ETCETERA – Here We Go Again acoustic 01 (1996)

And that’s it for today, kids. Seeya tomorrow.


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