A Snapshot of My Book Shelf

Back in 2010 or 2011, I started hosting a page on this site called My Book Shelf, which, true to form, looks a little like a bookshelf, and shows the spines of books I’ve either written or have plans to write.

That’s the key. I plan to write a lot of books that are not done yet. It’s something I do. I plan for things to do when I’m feeling my oats, because I’m not always on my A Game.

The problem is, I have a LOT of plans to write a lot of books. I also have more time on my hands than I have in the past, due to some changes I’ve made in my volunteer life. And yet, nothing is getting written at present. Not even for NaNoWriMo, which I haven’t signed up for this  year in any case, and that’s in no small part because my wife hates when I do NaNoWriMo.

My problem only becomes apparent when I mention it, because most folks don’t look at the My Book Shelf page. But I know it’s there, in a corner of my mind, waiting for me to put links to active pages onto the images on those spines that don’t have pages, or that don’t have completed books linked on those pages.

I will finish those books, I keep telling myself.

And another year passes.


One Response to “A Snapshot of My Book Shelf

  • Once upon a time I felt the same way. I felt like a fraud saying I was a writer with no books on the shelf. So I stopped saying I was a writer. One day I went to convert my writing archive/portfolio from floppy disc to CD and they said “there’s nothing on these discs”. My heart dropped. 20 years of writing – gone. The next feeling was huge relief at the self imposed pressure to get those things published. After getting a few second opinions – my work was truly gone – I told myself, “whatever, I’m a writer, I can write more.” And so I have. I don’t write every day, I’m a binge writer, so I’m often as surprised as anyone when something new is born. Write because you like to. Write because someone paid you to. I love the idea of writing to fill books already on a shelf. I still just tick off a list. Though it’s a large framed list.

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