Add Infant Item – The Final Results

Back in 2006, Etcetera reconvened, as we had agreed to on New Years Eve. During the rest of the winter, I outlined a plan for us to follow (and started writing songs for the same) in order to record a new album together AND rehearse a new live set, so we could go out and start playing as a power trio. What I devised looked like this:

New Album/First Set:
I Want Someone Close To Me
The Dream Falls
The Dark Ages
No One In The World
Lady In the Field
Out Of Time

Second Set:
Here It Comes Again
One Up On You
I’m Gone Again
Bleed Into One
How Can I Miss You (If You Won’t Go Away)
The Last Stand

Here We Go Again
Through The Eyes of a Fool
Thick & Thin
You Send Me Spinning

I figured there would be improvisations that would lead to furtehr numbers for the new album, so I left room for them, even though I had a few other songs up my sleeves (just in case). That said, I figured this would be a good guide, but I wasn’t married to it.

What I ended up with was about ten hours of loose jams and muffed takes, all recorded using our traditional Fostex-with-Radioshack-PZM-mic demo recording configuration. We never got to the stage where I started bringing in my shiny new multi-track, because frankly, we just didn’t have enought ime to get it together before drama between Gary and his then-wife came to a head, and it was time to get the gear out of their basement before she pawned it out of spite.

As such, most of the songs on the list never so much as got a brief read-through. What we did get recorded seemed to me to be far too scruffy for a general release, but time has mellowed me somewhat. I finally sat down and sequenced a kind of compilation album of the best original tracks (I left out the various covers we tried out, which mostly didn’t work too well, in proper Etcetera tradition), which turned out like this:

01 I Want Someone Close To Me
02 The Incurable Romantic
03 The Dream Falls
04 Through The Eyes of a Fool
05 Songs From Heaven
06 Lady In The Field tk 1
07 Show Me Something
08 The Dark Age tk 1
09 Punk Jam #67
10 Thick and Thin tk 1
11 No One In The World
12 Lady In the Field tk 2
13 Surf Arcanna
14 Decisions
15 The Dark Age tk 2
16 Where You Been?
17 The Last Stand intro
18 The Last Stand tk 1
19 The Last Stand tk 2
20 Thick And Thin tk 2
21 BB Gun Massacre
22 Lady in the Field tk 3
23 Last Call
24 Waiting

I still think the Add Infant Item sessions were largely a bust, but I suppose this collection of outtakes can serve as a sort of closing statement on Etcetera, at least until Derrick figures out a way to get an electronic drum kit to practice on, or Gary and I invest in permanent studio space, so we can get back to work. Until then, real drums will just have to be a dream for the future. Meanwhile, there’s still Thesis music.

So there you have it: Add Infant Item, a play on an old album title idea I had in mind for somewhere down the road with Etcetera, and the album that almost was.


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