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Multi-Track Purchase

The Multi-Track has arrived. It is big. It is heavy. It sounds beautiful. My back ached carrying the box back from the post office, and I wasn't completely excited, even though Dawn accused me of such. I got Derrick down to show him the toys, and we fired it up and goofed around with the demo for a bit and talked about getting back to work.

I left a phone message for Gary, but he's not been in touch for weeks, so I have no idea when he'll get the news. Hopefully by the time he comes to see it, I'll have sorted out where I'm going to put it and what I'm going to put it on. It's bigger than I'd expected, and I need room for it AND my old Hitachi ghetto blaser for monitor purposes.

Just playing the demo through those old speakers got me buzzing a little. Drum machine pads are a little softer than I'm used to from my old Alesis SR-16, but I'll adjust in time. Told Derrick to start getting his ideas together. 'Soon, my friend… soon.'

Now I have this 220-something page manual to try and digest, but the machine is pretty straightforward. It looks a bit daunting, but it feels pretty good, and I think I'm starting to get excited by the possibilities now. I'm already thinking about dusting off an old solo number to help me woodshed on the recorder; a little tune I once demoed with drum machine and vocals called 'Radio (Play Me)'. I should probably put that up here for a laugh, even though Dawn didn't care too much for it. I'm sure I can do it better now. Suddenly this whole making music idea sounds like fun again.

I can't wait.


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