Album Release Announcement

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Bisecting A Circumference Re-release Date is Friday, December 14th at 12 AM (Midnight). I am considering doing what I didn’t do for the previous album, whereby I’ll get on Google+ (you remember Google+, right?) and start a Hangout session for those with cams who want to get online and ask me stupid questions that I’ll then try to answer as charmingly as possible. If I do this, it will probably be at 6 PM EST, because I eat at 8 PM, which gives folks a couple of hours to wander in and out of focus, like my webcam, incidentally.

I’m putting this message out to Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and Tumblr and probably StumbleUpon, so that should cover most of my regulars. Anyone else probably wouldn’t be interested, but if you can think of anyone who might be, please invite them along. You DO NOT have to purchase an album to sit in on the discussion. I’ll be streaming the bloody thing for free, so you can just sit back and make fun of my accent or my guitar playing or my wardrobe choice.

Please feel free to notify me if you’re thinking of joining in. It’ll give me an idea of whether and how long to turn on the web cam and make a fool of myself for company, as opposed to my usual private foolishness. If nobody comes, I’ll probably just do a fake Q&A video and post it on Youtube for a lark. I may do that in the nude. You can prevent this by RSVPing, or you know, just by paying me not to. Paypal works. There’s also a Flattr link in the corner.

Thanks for reading, and for those that are on the fence about whether I’ll really release the album on time, here’s a little something to demonstrate my sincerity:


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