Album Review Poll (2014)

Does anyone particularly care whether I do “Lee in Limbo’s Big 2014 Album Review”?

2014 main banner

Trick question. I already know that very few people ever read any of the previous two or three bumper crop editions I did.

I’ve got my list more or less ready to go, but time is exceedingly scarce lately, and my back and left arm are both giving me grief, which is making typing a real drag. So I’ll work on it when I’m feeling a little better and can make a few days’ listening/reviewing time.

I’m gonna go try to finish writing Athena’s Pause, the remaining chapter of RETURN TRIP. I may release the book when it’s finished, or sit on it for a few weeks to make sure I didn’t make any really obvious spelling errors. We’ll see.

I still hate that last abstract painting I did. It’s not a masterpiece in disguise. It failed utterly. Hideous mess. Glad I never gave it to its intended victim.

Oh yeah, and I finally got my iRig KEYS PRO keyboard, and installed most of the sounds I’ve been able to get my hands on, which is nice, and I suspect it will really help with the STEEP INCLINATIONS album project. Just gotta get a DAW that will run the VSTs and let me record.

Time to call Mom and apologize for not being able to clean today. Thank you for reading. Have a good day.


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