All Abooooooard the Booyah Train Hahahahahahaaaa…

Okay, so I was describing a short story I’m working on to my wife, and she decided It Was Good. She liked the premise so much, she recommended I turn it into a YA novel. I one-upped her and proposed a trilogy, since that appears to be how these sorts of novels are packaged these days.

So now I have to plot a YA trilogy. No graphic sex. Teen protagonist. All my world building skills with a science fiction premise that has elements of dystopianism and utopianism rolled in together. And to top it off, it’s technically a Link Constellation story, being related to Dreamtropolis Fallen, though it takes place on Earth in a different time.

If I write it fast enough, I may even profit from the massive interest in YA Adventure novels right now. I rarely court such trends, but it does seem like a good time to actually try writing something people actually want to read.

That sort of resets my plans somewhat, but I’d figured I was going to spend the next few months writing, and that hasn’t changed. But I need three books’ worth of plot, and just at this moment, I seem to be all out of plot ideas. Story concepts I have plenty of, but plots are a slightly different creature. I don’t like to borrow unless I steal, and I don’t steal very often either, so I guess I have to drink a bit more of this tea, maybe sniff some old, moldy leather-bound novels, and pray for inspiration.


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