All Apologies pt 2

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting over the past few days. I’m tired. Possibly depressed. And I have a killer headache this morning, which means today is no better than those other days, even if I’m willing and able to make a comment like this.

I’ve been pretty frustrated with the lack of interest in my music and especially my writing of late.

I’m also a little tired for the routine I’ve found myself in recently.

And I think I need to refill the humidifier and go back to bed.

Sorry for the lack of news.

Hey, did anyone see the Nemovitz logo I did last week? No one commented, which gave me the feeling no one was interested, so I haven’t pursued the idea.

Anyway, I have loads of stuff I should be doing, and loads of stuff I can be doing to waste time constructively, but I think it’s time to go lay down.


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