All Is Fair In Love And War (But You Can’t Compare The Two Anymore)

Guten Tag, Mein Limbolings.

So, yesterday was an unexpectedly long day, sitting at City Hall with Dawn and the Dissidents (Matt & Dan Jelly, Matthew Greene, Graham Crawford, Chris Cutter, Bill Mehlenbacher, Christine Swenson and others I’ve never met before) listening to various Pro- and Anti-Casino presentations to City Council. It was a bit of a joke, as far as the Pro side is concerned, because they basically did a big power point presentation with a lot of conjured up numbers based on figures that OLG has been throwing around which will have little to nothing to do with the actual casino numbers if it ever gets built. A LOT of hot air, basically. Heart-felt, well-intentioned hot air, I suppose, but hot air, nonetheless.

Graham’s presentation on The New Hamilton made me stand up to applaud him when he was done. I was the only one, so I looked like a dork, but I didn’t care. I only hope it didn’t embarrass him. He seemed to be in good spirits and was in a peculiar mood from the very start (ordering Dawn and I mock-seriously to behave ourselves. At least, I hope he was kidding).

Chris’s presentation on the ill effects of casinos on urban centers was important, and I wanted to see his portion through to the end, but once he was done and they cut question time short, we all beat a hasty retreat; we’d been in the council chambers for over six hours, and me without a bathroom break.

Today, I went to clean at Mom’s. Not much more to say than that. I want to post a copy of James Street North’s artist roll call for tomorrow’s Art Crawl, and I plan on taking photos and writing some sort of omnibus post about everything I see tomorrow night. I think I need to redesign the HamiltonCreativeComm logo I hacked together quickly for the Facebook page and Twitter account last week. I haven’t had enough time to do things up right, but it’s already getting a little attention. I just need to pump it up.

I’d also like to get some writing on DEPARTURE done. Chapter 2 is still resisting me.

However, I’m tired and my foot is slightly sore and scalded from boiling water whilst making tea, so I might just go take a short nap, first.

Talk to you again tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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