All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You

Good Morning, my little Booboocitos,

It’s the weekend! I don’t mind telling you, it’s been a long, eventful, sometimes quite upsetting week, but it’s over now, so I’m going to take a long, deep breath and let it out, and hope that my nerves settle into a semblance of their usual, only slightly jangly selves.

Supercrawl on Hamilton’s James Street North is in full swing, and I intend to take in a little more of it today than I was able to last night.

Dawn and I have been talking about how the Spec article reporting on the former Pittsburgh Mayor speaking in Hamilton last night is dead on. We need to reclaim the waterfront and we need to clean up the brown lands and covert it all to things we can use int eh here and now, not in the ever-present past. We need jobs, yes, but industrial manufacturing is all done overseas now, for better or for worse, and it’s just not coming back, because the market can’t be sustained at the level we once had it. Too many things these days are made with plastics and modern/space age materials like aluminum and titanium. Steel is no longer the manufacturing darling it once was. I’d show you some numbers, but Google can do it faster.

We also got talking about the ill-conceived Aerotropolis project, former Mayor Di Ianni’s pet project, and how it would bring back manufacturing, but at the cost of arable farmland, and with no promises that it wouldn’t wind up being another brownfield disaster that would limit the kinds of technology that can be safely manufactured there. I put forward the idea that we need IT companies up there, but Dawn is right that there have been, as far as we know, no serious bidders from the IT world to date. With our backwards-looking habit of trying to fall back on the fading steel industry, is there any wonder? We haven’t made any serious overtures towards sustainable green technology or the computer manufacturing industry, and if we can’t host them somewhere clean and pristine, they wouldn’t dream of it anyway. Younger generations are going without gainful employment because we keep sending them out to call centers and temp work construction jobs in a below-par market where no one can afford to live on their own anymore. ‘Working poor’ is an almost institutionalized reality in Hamilton, and it’s going to take a lot more than begging or praying to the money gods to make it all magically turn around.

I’m a sci-fi writer, not an economist, so I’ll shut up, now. Just venting a little spleen.

I think today and probably tomorrow are going to be a relaxation day. My stomach has been bothering me the last couple of days, and I feel distinctly like the old man on the hill. Hopefully next week will be more productive and less nerve-wracking.

Maybe I’ll do some fiction writing. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend.


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