All Those Yesterdays That Remind Us We’re The Same In Every Way

Short One: I’m trying to get the VolUntEer (maybe it would be clearer if I spelled it volUNTeer, or VOLuntEER; waddayathink?) graphic finished today, before I have to grab a shower and go have coffee with a friend. There’s also a StinZine meeting tonight, which should be interesting, since we may have to repeat some of our work from the last meeting, since the EiC left the project (personal reasons).

I’m listening to Frost* through headphones and grooving as I work. The lyrics I referenced in the title are out there in the internets. Google is your friend.

The image is coming together. It looks like this so far:

I’d do a demonstration or a step-by-step tutorial to show you what and how I did it, but honestly, I added several lengthy steps that I’ve since dispensed with, as I near completion. When I get it done, I’ll isolate the separate word groups and show you what each says, before settling on the format I will use to create prints and such. I’ll probably move different layers forward and bump up there opacity a bit to emphasize each word for people to choose from. Different words will make different people feel better. If I do this again, I’ll select more uplifting word groups to express.

Anyway, back to work. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you all again tomorrow.


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