An Etcetera New Year

So the guys came over for New Years Eve last night, and we watched concerts by Rush and Duran Duran. Quite a combo, I assure you. At some point, I grabbed hold of Dawn's shiny new Canon Elph and started taking some photographs. Not be be upstaged, Dawn grabbed ahold of the camera and started taking band photos, which I somehow got the guys to stand still for… mostly. Gary was incorrigible, but in this one, we manage to look like a serious little trio. Hopefully these little things will inspire them to get on top of things for the new year.

I've told them what my plans fo rthe new year are, musically, and they seemed to take it in stride. I plan on getting them to help me witht he Thesis album, and I plan on getting the Etcetera album written and demoed as well. That and a few other projects I'm determined to complete this year should keep me pretty busy in the months to come.

Happy New Year.


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