And By The Way, Girl, What’s Your Name Again?

Okay, so I guess I’m gonna do some painting today. I have this board I’ve primed with gesso, and I’m thinking I want to get it painted before something dire happens tot he board from neglect. The decision needs to be made, however: I need to decide if it’s going to be portrait or landscape orientation. The board is 12″x24″, so this will make a significant difference in the composition. I can’t really move the board around once I get started, because my splatter box is probably only just wide enough to take it sideways, and I want there to be enough room for paint to drip down to form the ‘sides’, since the board rests on a frame about two and a half inches thick.

I may also work on the second act of the book. I have it open. I just can’t figure out where I was going with it, and haven’t decided if I’m just gonna scrap the current thought and take it in a direction I can sort out.

Finally, I have chores to do. Dishes and cleaning the kitchen, plus some vacuuming in the living room. Carpet needs a shampooing, too, but I don’t know if I’m going to do that today.

Anyway, that’s just about all I’ve got for today. I’ll be posting pictures of the painting process, once I get it started. Probably post them on Facebook and Twitter, and maybe (MAYBE) do a show and tell tomorrow on the blog, if I remember to take enough photos of the process. Maybe a tutorial.

Could be a good day. We’ll see. Thank you for reading.


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