And By The Way, Where Were You Last night When I Called

Okay, so that’s the holidays taken care of.

I posted a picture of the book cover I’ve been trying to engineer for the novel I didn’t quite manage to complete back in November. I showed it around and got a few comments here and there, but as usual, it was Adam P. Knave who pointed out it was a little hard to read, so I did some tweaking and came up with a final version I’m pretty happy with. It’s still a little hard on the eyes, but it’s meant to be, as making it mimic Terminal Monday’s cover style was part of the point, given that it’s a kind of unofficial sequel of sorts. People don’t seem to be having too much trouble with reading the cover, so I’m satisfied.

The differences might be a bit too subtle, so I’m putting the two versions side by side for you:
tADtL-001 tADtL-001d

Now I’m gonna spend some time writing up the blurb and posting the page for the book on the site. I may also spend some time today trying to work out how to finish the novel properly. I think it was the unsatisfactory way the book was winding down that caused me to stop working on it. I need a second act that goes higher than the first act, which will shock the few who read Terminal Monday.

I also plan on working up a kind of 2012 music retrospective post, because there are a LOT of albums I listened to and liked but didn’t have time to review properly, and I would like to at least put some of them to rest. I have albums from 2010 and 2011 that I still want to review, but I think it’s becoming clear that I don’t have as much time for album reviews as I had back when I started these blogs. Might have to reduce my efforts to review everything I hear about in the new year. It’s been fun watching my hit count shoot up, but really, it’s not selling any books, so I’m further ahead just focussing on writing the books I’ve fallen behind on.

Lots of new stuff coming for the new year. Stay warm, stay safe, and if you can’t manage that, stay interesting.

Happy New Year!


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