And I Believe There is a Time for Meditation in Cathedrals of Our Own

Quiet Saturday. Stuff I should be doing just isn’t getting done. Yes, I’m a bit frustrated by that, but I’m sure it will change, hopefully soon. Just need to force something to start happening. No big tang, mon.

Billy Joel emanating from the speakers.

Barton Village Festival is happening today. I want to show my support, but I’m not sure I can break away to check any of it out. Best Wishes, Rachel.

I’m kind of in the mood to put in some work on the LINK Game, actually, but I need some impetus. Wish Rodney was still into this stuff. Could really use some backup.

Trying to get my head back into chapter three of The GOOD GIRL. The problem is, it was a sort of left out chapter when I wrote the original eleven chapters, back when I thought it was going to be one novel, instead of four. So I needed to inject the added plot element in, and I’m not yet back in the groove, so the story isn’t coming to life in my head yet. It’ll happen. Just not yet.

I also recommitted to sitting down and devising a roleplaying campaign in the Dresden Files universe. I plan to set it in Hamilton, my hometown. It’ll be filled with supernatural stuff, but a bare minimum of vampires and werewolves and the regular shit, because really, if you want vampires and fairies and stuff, go read Jim Butcher’s books. They’re loaded with them. I’m gonna play with Tarot themes and heavy Egyptology, and maybe a bit of the Fey, just for fun (because Hamilton had a strong Irish population during its developing years, so Celtic Fey are sorta de rigueur). I have a couple of months to get that together. Should be a treat. I wonder if I remember how to game master…

I have the Tarot Fool painting, still not quite finished the pencil stage, because I want it to be tighter and more detailed than the previous drawing I did. It’s really denying me entry. I have to get over that and get it done. Two months…. two months on a drawing. Unacceptable.

I’ve loved these days. 😉


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