And I… Feel Like a Newborn

Good morning. I’ve got a massive headache today. No whining, just saying, it’s probably relevant to the quality of this post.

Yesterday, I was tinkering with The Approximate Distance To Limbo, formatting and adding a touch of graphic elements, just to see if I could. I still have to test the final results, but so far, it’s been failure. I regard it as a learning curve. One way or another, I will beat this thing. I know it can be done. I’m just trying to find out how I can do it using the skills I possess and (preferably) the assets I’ve already generated, or can easily generate in minutes, because I’m awesome like that.

I will win. But not just yet. Headache is making thinky stuff unpleasant. Meanwhile, here’s a picture, because I hear you monkeys like pictures with your internets. Crazy kids.

VFMD 2013 01 31a

I was hoping to get Alyson’s problem sorted out, but I can’t get Apple Pages to run on my ancient PowerBook, and there doesn’t seem to be an older version available that will. I know. I looked. Before the headache. When thinky things didn’t hurt. I don’t even know yet which version would run on the PowerBook if I could find it. I should look that up. When thinky not hurt.

I have this huge seven hour mixed songlist playing in WinAmp as I type this (yes, I still spell it WinAmp, and I always, always will. Suck it.). It’s called Positive Energy. It has a few empowering and aggressive but still positive numbers, because I draw power from lots of things. The tune that just finished is Last Look At Eden by Europe. The volume dipped massively to get down to Keep On Growing by Derek and the Dominos. I really have to get the sound of these files equalized. I’d use one of the auto bits of software that does stuff like this, but they take a while, they do permanent damage to collections (mine’s fricking huge, so no duplication possible), and they have a tendency of screwing up progressive rock numbers with wild dynamics. Such is life.

Okay, so today is a day of appointments, eyeglass fixing, and maybe some grocery shopping. Or more likely, eating out. I also hope to become the proud owner of new headphones today. Somehow.

As such, I probably won’t be getting much writing work done, unless this headache clears off and affords me a couple of hours of work before we have to leave.

Warm vibes welcome. Prayers not as much, but hey, I’m not oppressing you.

Have a good day, folks.


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