And If You Try Your Best You Know You Will Be Heard

I’ve been a little quiet these past couple of days, as I’ve been busy moving computer files around to a three terabyte drive a friend donated to us. It was sorely needed, so his gift is most appreciated. I’ve been moving files from old IDE hard drives that had work data on them, which takes literally hours at a time. And I was having trouble doing it in Windows, so I was using Ubuntu for the bulk of the job, which basically meant I was offline for two days. Many apologies.

Today, I’m trying to do some writing, but the words won’t come. I’m also doing some remedial research for a half a plot idea I have for a bit of fanfic I will include in the fanfic collection I want to compile and give away (in ebook format) as a gift to my adoring fans… you know, the seven of you reading this now. I could probably autograph each of them to you individually, at the rate I’m going. 😉

I still have two sets of three printed books in stock, and three are promised and signed to our friend Cats. Which means, I have only one set left to sell, and will need to order mroe soon. I won’t be able to do that until someone offers to buy these ones, though, as I am frightfully short of funds this month.

What television series that has run its course and ended are you still a fan of, even though it’s more or less off the air (or at least, out of production)?

I have several books open in my laptop waiting for me to choose one to write something into. I thought I’d take a stab at the free book, but it’s not happening. Time to switch gears and pick one that does work.

I had a waking dream some time late last night/early this morning that wasn’t 100% awesome, but it was intriguing. sadly, i couldn’t make sense of it upon waking, and it got away from me. I guess the world may never know of it was a good one or not.

I should be working. there’s a mural, a newsletter, and a pile of books to work on.

I think I’m a little depressed today. *sigh*

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