And In Other News…

…I am told that the latest payment for the CLEARvision Studios website, upon which this blog is currently hosted, is coming due, and we here at CvS are experiencing what might kindly be described as a slight cash-flow shortage.

Put another way, the entire website may be going the way of the Dodo in another week. This is a problem for me, but I assure you, it’s a serious problem for my wife/business partner, who has been holding onto this grandfathered account for years, and will lose hosting for several websites when the account lapses.

I AM prepared to entertain one possibility: an art sale.

That’s right. I’m offering to sell you an original piece of my artwork. I still possess most of the art I’ve demonstrated on my website over the years. I’m even willing to sign and personalize the art if you’d like.

Make me an offer and I’ll tell you if the piece is still available in physical form. If not, perhaps I can arrange to have a nice high quality print made from whatever digital files I still have in storage*. Then we can discuss whatever payment and delivery options you may require.


* There HAVE been a couple of hard drive meltdown in the past, which I suppose means some of this work is quite rare indeed.

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