And It’s A Long Way Back To the Place

Good Morning, Macketeers!

Good news, bad news time.

First up, good news: I have figured out the trick to importing wav files of the individual tracks from my multi-track into my computer and audio editing software, so I can start the process of cleaning up the mistakes it will take me months of rerecording to fix. I figure there will still be mistakes to rerecord that can’t be fixed in the computer, but I’m hoping to diminish that list to something manageable. I can handle having to rehearse and perform the songs properly when it’s all done, but I want the album in part so I can use it as a tool to rehearse new musicians for our band. I’m kind of losing my drummer, who says he won’t be ready to play for quite some time, which throws a spanner in my plans, so I may have to recruit another drummer at least in the short term, if not permanently. I also need at least two other musicians, and preferably multi-instrumentalists, so I can switch instruments with them and play certain parts I wrote for myself to play. I figure I need a good guitarist who can sing and also play bass on the side, a good keyboard player who can sing and maybe play bass if necessary, or a good bass player who can play either guitars or keys. Two musicians, three slots to help fill, because I can’t play all three at once, especially while singing, which I do a lot of on this album. As well, if my voice doesn’t recover, I may even have to… *gasp*… consider recruiting a lead vocalist, something I don’t really want to do, but might have to.

Now the bad news: I don’t have much time to much about with music tracks today because I have a meeting at City Hall to attend on behalf of the Stinson Neighbourhood Action Plan committee, who meet with the city planners and such for the first time, to get an idea of what and how we can improve in Carter Park. We’re probably going to look seriously at the whole mural wall thing, but there also has to be discussion about prepping the grounds for possible stage performances and such. I hope the meeting there will be more cohesive than the ones we’ve had at the school, and especially more so than the ones we had at the community center, because I feel like we have a lot of work to do, and little direction. We’ll see.

I’ll have a follow-up post to yesterday’s rant a little later today. Gonna play with Last Call a little bit more, and then get dressed and headed out to the meeting. Wish me luck.


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