And I’ve Often Been Told That You Only Can Do What You Know How To Do Well, And That’s Be You

Drawing a series of thumbnails to demonstrate my ideas to my collaborator/partner/manager/wife for our painting series, which I have taken to call ‘CYCLICAL RESONANCE’. I kind of dreamed it up as a collaboration between myself, my wife and a very dear old friend of mine, but she had to bow out due to a little plan of hers to move to the States and marry the love of her life. The nerve!

I know that at least some of my concept layouts will be changed before we paint them, because my wife and I have completely different creative processes and needs. I like to plan ahead for a series, trying to tell interesting stories. Dawn likes symbolic, emotion one-offs that only relate to one another tangentially. She likes how our first two pieces fit together, but she doesn’t like being hemmed in with a whole plan. I respect that. I also can’t really do precisely what I want without her input. Collaboration is very like marriage; if you don’t like to share the centre stage, you probably should leave.

So here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’ll pst the final version when I get the thumbnails finished.

Meanwhile, it’s time for a shower and some grocery shopping.



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