And The Sun Shines On The Bay

So, about an hour ago, the power came back on in my apartment. This is a good thing. I ate half a steak in celebration.

Then I read that my old friend from high school, Simon Bertrand, died from cancer tonight. I’m not a spiritualist any more, but I do believe he’s in a better place now, physically speaking at least. I will miss him, though. More on this later, perhaps.

Earlier today, I sort of quit/got fired from a band project I was working on. It was temporary, and an agreement has been reached, but it’s one of those ‘I agree to keep my ideas to myself’ arrangements. In my heart, I know it’s as it should be, but I can’t help feeling an opportunity was lost there. A chance to assert my creative self and make it clear that I’m not the side man I’ve effectively agreed to become. *shrug*

I think I hear my wife shuffling in her sleep in the bedroom. Time to retire for the night, again. Stay safe. Keep cool and dry. Good night.


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