And Then He’ll Make You a Mixed Tape

I’m planning on doing something tomorrow that should have been done ages ago: getting my brother to start using a computer. My Mom’s old computer is sitting around doing nothing, and if we don’t move fast, I suspect she’ll donate it to her friend Mary, and Troy will be out of luck.

I’m also making him some mixed DVDs of music he’s been requesting… and lots of stuff he didn’t.

My wife is worried about me carrying the box with the desk from the bus stop to my Mother’s house. It’s not an unreasonable worry, really. But I’m concerned that it’s taking too long, and Troy wants stuff that I can’t really give him unless he has a computer. Ergo, my plan to accelerate the process of getting him onto one before he misses his chance.

My LinkWorlds Partner Rod Media has given me his blessing to publish LinkTales Volume One, so I’ll be posting it tomorrow. I could probably do it tonight, but I’m a little busy, and I’m not in the mood to dicker with a word file right now.

Dawn’s guitar playing is coming along nicely, though she’s still a bit self-conscious about it.

And it’s mighty late, but I’m thinking I should get something light to munch on, seeing as how I only ate half a bowl of won ton soup for dinner (lunch was heavier; a Wendy’s Baconator combo).

Time to get back to it. Ciao. *zooms off on moped*


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