And We’re Back (again)

Soooo… the website went boink a day or three ago. Nobody really noticed except me, because I tried to do a short update but couldn’t get into the admin side of the site because the theme was completely broken and had to be shut off for a few minutes while I upgraded it.

And now, of course, I have no idea what I was going to write. Figures.

So anyway, I did 24 small paintings in series, which are now dry, and will apply them to a large panel board, or two medium panel boards, depending, and see if I have a new abstract (sequential) assemblage piece. Not what I’d originally planned, but that’s alright. Every window is a door, when you’re on the sixth floor.

Now then, what else?

Oh yeah! 45 Revolutions Around The Sun is the title I’m using to work title the project I’ve decided will get me back into making music in the new year. It’ll be twelve to fourteen (or maybe more; we’ll see) tribute songs (not covers!) dedicated to and in the most recognizable musical style(s) of some of my favourite recording artists or bands. I plan to use other musicians, to make sure the album doesn’t suck, the way the last two did. Maybe other producers or engineers, too, though I can’t really afford any. I’d crowdfund it, but I don’t have the following to pull off a successful crowdfunding campaign, especially for such a slightly meaningless project. Obviously, the project has significant meaning to me, but really, it’s a vanity project at its worst. So I can’t really expect much financial help.

Perhaps I should tell you: I turn 45 this coming Boxing Day. I haven’t put out any original music in a while, and I haven’t completed a single big project I’ve planned for myself (books, comics, art series, or music) in a while now, so I need to reboot and get myself back to working on my career.

So. Tribute album. The concept is, it’s like an old mix tape of my favourite songs, only songs so obscure they weren’t even written or recorded by the bands I’m emulating. Get it?

In other non-news, I’m also going to start working on a novel I’ve been percolating all year, called The Constant Sea of Night. It’s a speculative fiction/sicence fiction collection of novellas that are meant to tie together in some fashion, though I’m still working out precisely how. Maybe my protagonists meet at the end and FIGHT TO THE DEATH!

Or maybe they just have sex. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Anyway, I also plan to cut WAY BACK on my volunteer work levels. I’m well past burn out already, and frankly, I’m starting to resent the people I work with for continuing to make what I do so difficult and disappointing. So expect less about that stuff in the future.

And finally, the art is going nicely, but I may slow down on that for a while, to work more on the music and writing fronts. I like painting, but I’m not finding enough time to work on the more complicated stuff, and the stuff I’m getting known for still isn’t selling much.People want representational art. That’s clear. 20th Century Modern Art is becoming passe again. *sigh* I knew the trend wouldn’t last long. And just when I was starting to make headway. I don’t care for art fashion, but it’s hard to start out making something that people are told they don’t want.

So that’s my return post. More to come.

24 +2 Small Pieces


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