Another Art Crawl Down

So, I was at the James Street North Art Crawl in my hometown (Hamilton, Ontario), handing out copies of The Hamilton Anvil. I saw a handful of familiar face, but mostly, I saw a lot of new faces, and wondered if we’d set up in a different city. Art Crawl isn’t quite what it was, even when we first started attending a handful of years ago, but there is still some of the artistic freedom of the early days in it. The spirit isn’t dead, and it may eventually develop a more representative balance of artists versus resellers and hucksters, but for now, it’s losing its appeal for me.

I got in late, after standing around with Nick and Brandon in the rain for a couple of hours, and we probably handed out something like two hundred free papers, old and new. We discussed the future of the Anvil, and whether we believe it can lead to something sustainable and impactful in its current guise. Truthfully, I think we all see a day when The Anvil will have to transition into a bigger thing or fail in its stated goal to create a safe conversation space for people to discuss the issues that make life in Hamilton difficult. More work to do.

I got to see Amanda Ferguson Wedekind’s art at This Ain’t Hollywood last night. I particularly like ‘Maria’ and ‘Ziggy’, for different reasons. I hope I run into her soon to tell her so.

Today, we’re listening to classic Styx and playing with the cats, and I’m contemplating the colour scheme for the new piece, ‘Self-Contained’. It looks kinda cool as it is, but it’s nowhere near finished yet. I’m trying to decide if the base coat is going to be textured shades of one colour, or a jumble of colours in succession, before I do the final (splatter) coats.

I’m also trying to get back to work on the comic, but my notes and reference materials are all in the back of Brandon’s vehicle.

Finally, I am thinking about going to Mom’s to do some cleaning, but the weather and my inclination are wrestling to take a day off, despite the fact that we are basically broke.

Time is passing. I’m dawdling. Thanks for reading.


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