Another Blast From The Past

She Lies In Tears

Hanging high upon this great wall
Teetering boxes to the sky
Making rain clean my big fall
Blowing blues sky high.

Following circles on the dusty ground
Opening the doors to why
Dead man in a room going round
Sail away into the sky
Want to fly
Want my feet
To pick themselves up off the ground
Need to cry
Need the heat
To burn great holes into the sound.


Climbing high upon this ladder
Piling boxes to the sky
Crushing pain into the matter
She refuses to cry.

Chasing angels into the gray
Cross the bridges into what
No man in the room today
Noise as solid as a knot
Only night
Only now
Can there be quiet time to pray
Time to cry
Time to kill
Going to survive come what may.


I’m still giving rise
To my fear of silence
Try to stretch out
But pushed in with no chance
To be free
To join the world
To join the dance.


Climbing this wall I’ve built so high
Though I’ve had help, I wonder why
When your methods are in doubt
Amd your reason disappears
When you’re reaching out for love
But the world recoils in fear
You will find it so frustrating
As you’re fighting back the tears
Because they want to believe in Heaven…

…But they can’t believe it’s here.


©1991, 2010 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music

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