Another Day, Another Polite Fiction

Still got a lot of stuff to take care of, but I find myself writing a story today, thinking that I might self-publish and sell it when it’s ready. It’s a money thing. I need some, so I’m writing something new, hoping it will make a difference. It probably won’t.

There is money owed me by Smashwords, but I need to obtain my ITIN to get it. That shouldn’t be impossible, because I believe I may actually have one now, thanks to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform and their handy online application process. However, I can’t seem to find an actual number anywhere in my KDP account, so I guess I’ll have to look it up online and hope it’s accessible.

*saunters off to find his number… reads… fumes… sighs… comes back*

Well, it appears that I may have to wait a while longer for it to arrive via snail mail. It might even arrive in the mail this or next week, but I actually need money today. Might need to think about alternate sources of income, which is difficult, given that I’m not cleaning at Mom’s any more. Frustration looms heavily.

So, other than that, I have nothing else to declare. The problem that cropped up yesterday night has been sorted by the appropriate people at City Hall, and now I just have to finish laying out a short timeline, getting dates for the remaining AGMs finalized, getting locations ‘booked’, as it were, and in the process getting my own assembly to agree to a meeting date. Fun times.

So many little pieces of me not in precisely the right place just now. I look forward to getting myself back to ‘normal’ soon. I mean, aside from money issues, things are going alright, basically. Just a little discombobulated of late. Too many outside influences to take into account, and not a lot of people I can freely discuss concerns with, to gain some much-needed perspective. I’m hoping to get certain matters settled today, so I can focus on me for a day or two and get back on track. The occasional days of rest have been nice, but not precisely productive in the self-help department. Always seems to be more to do.

Time to get back to work. But first, check the mail…

Oh, but just for a chuckle, I did this little bit of word play for your amusement… it’s local political humour, but well-intended, I think:

Thanks for reading.


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