Another Murder of a Day

Good Afternoon, Mackronauts:

I just got through lugging four large grocery bags’ worth of gently used books to the Hamilton Literacy Council’s Books Sale with my agent.

Earlier, I rearranged the order of the album again. Took out some stuff and put some other stuff in that won’t take as long to finish. Trying to stack the deck with stuff that sounds more like my main influences, and not so much with the eclectic mix. Might cut one or two more pieces, depending on my mood and my productivity levels over the next few weeks. We’ll see.

I’ve posted a few images so far over the last couple of days, and haven’t had a single offer. You DO know I expect to haggle prices, right? Or is it just that you don’t buy art from non-famous people? Would it help if I told you I have readers all over the world? Dozens of them! 😉

I should have made soup for my agent.

I want to make music, but suspect that will get me looked at funny. There’s stuff to be done. Important stuff. Much more important than my stupid album.

Gary doesn’t like my treatment of Dinner Date. Suits me fine. I don’t think I’d like his treatment, either. The song is important to me, but it’s also long and dull, because it needs virtuoso performances to carry it off. I haven’t supplied said performances, but I’ve planned for them, and the demo I recorded at least gives you a hint. He says it’s too busy. He thinks it should be simple little song. A simple little 8-minute love dirge. I love my Gary, but he can get stuffed.

That’s all I’ve got. I should post more art to sell, but I’m starting to lose hope of making the remainder of the rent money before the cut-off date.

Time to go. Take care. Thanks for reading. Feed your Spambots.


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