Art Sale: Britannia – the Trine Goddess

This little darling was drawn back in 2003 as an asset for the roleplaying manual, Link: West. I’m not sure it was ever actually used; it’s been a while since I went through the manual to see what was and wasn’t printed. Britannia is obviously the spirit of the British Isles, referred to in the Link Euroboros section as the Sacred Isles (IIRC). However, said spirit was actually a real, living creature, comprised of three important women: Breanna, Ætillan high sourceress of Avalonis; Angela, huntress of the Sisterhood of Breanna; and Regina Moiraine, ruler of Londonis and the Sacred Isles. By the time of our story, most of the high sourcerors had gone into exile, but Breanna had remained behind to preserve and guide her people in times of great need.

This piece of art is a pencil drawing on acid-free (to the best of my knowledge) sketchbook paper. It’s one of the two finest pieces of art I created for the Link: West book. Its dimensions are approximately 8.5″x10.5″, though the 11″x14″ sketchbook page remains uncut, and there is some light doodling to one side of the drawing.

My asking price for this rather fine piece of illustration is $150.00 CAD, plus shipping and handling. Mounting will cost a little extra.

Please contact me at with your offer.

I’ll be back shortly with another piece to sell.


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