Art Sale Continues – Now Offering Prints: The Hook

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The Hook (1992)

Probably the most important of all my early abstract paintings. Certainly the densest piece of work I ever did, and probably the most overwhelming to look at. Those black patches you see are actually shadows cast by the overhead light as it shone down onto the multi-layered surface of the piece, which I am hesitant to merely call a painting.

Sadly, the original, to the best of my uncertain knowledge, is now crushed and broken beyond repair, mouldering in a municipal dump somewhere. I couldn’t bear to attempt reconstruction while it was still here. I was far too depressed at the time. I’ve been heard to blame the cats, but really, it was my own fault for failing to give it the protection it needed.

I post it so others can finally share in a little bit of the experience of seeing this utterly unique piece of work from my past, but really, I just want to own a large canvas print of it for my wall, so I can remember those crazy, crazy times. Maybe if I make enough money from all of this art sale madness, I’ll treat myself. We’ll see.


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