Art Sale: HMAS Argolias

This illustration, which appeared only vaguely in the Link:West RPG manual, is of a spectacular airship made from wicker and raffia, to reduce the weight while retaining some flotation in case of landing on water. The airship was created to explore Darkest Pangeia, where tribes of savage Darklings are said to rule. The balloon, shaped partially like a sale to catch wind and steer like a traditional sail ship, is adorned with an idealized image of the Trine Goddess.

This illustration is rendered on acid-free sketchbook paper in pencil and ink, with some signs of white out pen used. The illustration is approximately 10.5″ squared.

My asking price for this fine illustration is $250.00 CAD, plus shipping and handling. Mounting will cost slightly more.

Please contact me at with your offer.


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