Art Sale: Little Zoe’s Adventures in Limbo

More! That’s what they want! MORE!

So I decided that, on top of selling the original artwork, I would also make up prints and stuff, for those keen to explore. Zoe is a favourite creation of mine, and I’ve missed doing cool things with her. I keep trying to get back to the drawing table to draw a cartoon strip with her, but it never comes to fruition, and it makes me sad.

Anyway, this was part of a Christmas card/comic book I started drawing, but couldn’t get the second page to work, and ended up abandoning it. But the first page is pretty wonderful, wouldn’t you say? I’d love to do more work in this style. It suits my tastes nicely.

The original art, which is about 8.5″x11″ is on sale. I’m ASKING for $150.00 CAD (plus shipping and handling; mounting is extra). That may seem like a lot, but the page it really special, and the original has my original hand lettering, which is a bit wonky and imperfect, but I suppose it has its charm. Make me an offer. Message me if you’re interested. Payments by PayPal preferred.


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