Art Takes Time, Time Is Money, Money’s Scarce, and That Ain’t Funny

Okay, so I’m one gig down, more or less, though I have to wait to hear if the work I did was accepted based on the price they offered me. I won’t comment about the money offered here, as I don’t want to seem churlish.

I have an RFP to finalize today, based on how much the work seems worth to me, but after this first bit of RFP business, I’m feeling a little uncertain how to proceed. I knew in theory that businesses these days expect graphic design work on a modest budget, but I’m astounded at the stark reality of it. I was prepared to do some serious work for these potential clients, just to kick out the jams and really show people what I can do, but I’m thinking it’s better that I haven’t, thus far. If I actually lift a pencil and do an actual drawing, I have to charge a bare minimum of $300.00* to justify the workload of polishing and digitally colouring a drawing, on top of the usual layout stuff.

I’m trying to get my video card driver conflict problem resolved, because I can’t get URU: The Complete Chronicles to run properly. The game will run, but the shadows and collision planes are whitened out, and it’s affecting some of the puzzles, making the game unplayable passed a certain point.

As this is one of the games I plan to review for, I really need to fix this problem, but I’ve tried software AND manual brute force solutions, to no avail.

Anyway, I may have to email Jack and tell him I have to start with another game until I resolve the video card dilemma. *sigh*

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


* I have worked for less, but it was usually for very close friends.

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