At Last… An Update!

Yesterday, Brother Gary came by to lay down his acoustic tracks, of which there turned out to only be one. When I matched his six string take with mine, he decided he liked how it sounded well enough. My problem is, I’ll have to make him retake it because the track got fowled with some line level noise.

This is the acoustic take of Here It Comes Again, as it stands so far.

Meanwhile, today I am told we will be shopping for an electronic drum kit. As this is something I’ve been praying for with great fervour for some five or six years minimum, I would have to say I’m pretty okay with that prospect. I’m just hoping that we can afford a few sets of headphones and some means by which to plug in and jam along with Derrick, like perhaps that 10 track Gary says he put a bid on at Ebay. I would love not to have to lug the 16 track up and down the stairs if I don’t absolutely have to. It will please me greatly even if all I can do is import Derrick’s performances on disc, though I’m hoping for better. What I would really like is a new microphone, but I guess what I’ve got will do for now. One mic died, but the old metal ones are in pretty good shape. Might have to buy some new batteries, at any rate.

Anyway, developments. So that’s good. Hopefully it will all work out for the best. Hopefully more developments soon. Photos later if I can get them.

Time to shower and get the day started.


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