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The Constant Seeds of Doubt

I’m still trying to break the back of this novel. It’s the meanest book I’ve tried yet. It refuses to let me in. I’m starting to hate the fucker. Seriously. The first act is about a ‘school for gifted youngsters’ (not THAT school). So it needs a number of interesting and different students to make […]

Life, Actually

There’s a remarkable thing about the passage of time as you get old: it seems like everything is going faster and faster, but really, when you take it in perspective, it’s actually going incredibly slow, but your attention to life’s little details is both more refined and yet lazy. When you were a kid, you […]

And I’ve Often Been Told That You Only Can Do What You Know How To Do Well, And That’s Be You

Drawing a series of thumbnails to demonstrate my ideas to my collaborator/partner/manager/wife for our painting series, which I have taken to call ‘CYCLICAL RESONANCE’. I kind of dreamed it up as a collaboration between myself, my wife and a very dear old friend of mine, but she had to bow out due to a little […]

Marching Ever Forward

Well, I woke up at 1:30am and decided to start doing some novel writing for a blessed change. What I discovered in today’s revelation was, I hated the original forewords. There were three of them, tacked together and blathering senselessly. Amusing, but pointless. To be honest, I’m not sure this is the one, either, but […]

I’m Gonna Break My Rusty Cage and Run

Been just over a week since I wrote. Last week’s post was about Chris Cornell. Today’s post? Kinda almost the same, really, at least to start. I’ve been writing album reviews, and the one that I’ve been building up to is King Animal, the 2012 Soundgarden reunion album. I won’t talk about the review itself […]

Fell On Black Days

Fell On Black Days

#RIPChrisCornell I don’t think I have a long eulogy for Chris. He was about five years older than me. His death hasn’t been explained yet. He died after a Soundgarden gig in Detroit, which apparently he had really enjoyed. Yeah, I’ve been a fan for a long time. I used to say that, when the […]

When You’re Right, Everything Else In This Place Just Might Be Wrong

I’m tired. The day is barely started, and I’ve managed to do some grocery shopping. Now I’m going to sort out my tablet portfolio and work on the Self-Contained painting. I may do some work on Arcanna, too. I can’t really work on Sunday Afternoon Matinée (the mega series that leads up to Arcanna), because […]

Music of the Spheres

Goofing off. Oh, and in case there were any questions… Thanks, Lee.

Another Art Crawl Down

So, I was at the James Street North Art Crawl in my hometown (Hamilton, Ontario), handing out copies of The Hamilton Anvil. I saw a handful of familiar face, but mostly, I saw a lot of new faces, and wondered if we’d set up in a different city. Art Crawl isn’t quite what it was, […]

Self-Contained (2017; WIP)

I finally started a painting I’ve been trying to work out in my mind for several months. I plan on having it done some time this weekend, if all goes to plan, which it almost certainly won’t.      More to come soon. Thanks for visiting. Lee.

Chase and Harmony

I apologize (regardless of what my Grade 11 English teacher told me about never apologizing at the start of whatever I write) for not keeping in touch. This last month or so has been relatively quiet in Limbo. We haven’t sold any art; We haven’t had any art shows; I haven’t finished writing a new novel […]

Experience Everything As It Comes True

Welcome Back. It’s been a month since my last post. In that time, the site has been quiet, and then offline, and then returned, and still I haven’t posted anything. So this is my apology. The Big Novel is sitting open on my desktop, still not advancing. I fear it might be dead. I hope […]

This Novel Is Trying To Kill Me

The Constant Sea of Night… hates me. No, really. I have been fighting to break the back of this novel and get the first draft written for… oh heck, I can’t find the proof, but I’m pretty sure I started planning the initial ideas in 2014. That’s three years of batting the ball around and […]

The Future Will Not Be Scrutinized

The Future Will Not Be Scrutinized

I wrote this on Facebook a few minutes ago: Can I coin the term PrePocalypse? I’m much more interested in understanding how things went wrong than I am with what happens as a society decays. That’s probably my biggest beef with Dystopian fiction; it presupposes we all know how these things go wrong, and gives […]

On Internet Celebrity ~or~ Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

On Internet Celebrity ~or~ Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

That’s a ha ha title for you. I’m not a celebrity in any sense. Probably best we keep it that way. What I would like to say is, my download numbers on Smashwords have more than doubled this week. For the last year, my number has stalled at a paltry 23 downloads, and I joined in […]

Real Genius, a classic movie review

There are a handful of touchstone movies from the mid-80s that helped define my quirky sense of humour and my stylistic storytelling sensibilities. These include Clue, The Highlander, Ghostbusters, The Princess Bride, Ladyhawke, Labrynth, The Dark Crystal, Blade Runner, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Brazil, Better Off Dead, the original Star Wars trilogy, The Breakfast Club, […]

It’s Turning Into Another Day of Bickering and Complaints

Okay, I’m feeling pretty wide open this morning, so I’m just gonna say it, even though it pisses off my agent/manager/partner/wife, but I think my writing ‘career’ is failing. I’ve been reaching for the brass ring, writing some of the most potent, personal, powerful stuff I know how, and frankly, I think I’m still at […]

LinkWorlds 2017 – Update 004

Okay, so, I’ve been working with Rodney to get this game ready for intensive playtesting, and we’re still a little ways off from being able to do so, but we’ve divided up the tasks a little better, and Rodney gifted me with this yesterday: I sent him the logos he doesn’t have (and some he […]

Like The Dust That Settles All Around Me… I Must Find A New Home

Sooo… I’ve been awake for a few hours, trying desperately to get in the mood to do some work. So far, no good. I have oodles of fiction writing to do. I also have hundreds of game board tiles to design and illustrate. And I have some homework to do for The Hamilton Anvil AND the […]

Running With The Animals Tonight

This should probably be listed as a LinkWorlds game update, but it doesn’t feel like one, so I won’t. The problem is, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and uninspired. The workload is finally getting me down. I was hoping to have a few people come in and get involved, if for no other reason than […]


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