Best Intentions – a potential solo art exhibit

So, I’m applying to get a show at the Mulberry for my solo work.

Best Intentions Contact Sheet
Best Intentions Contact Sheet_Page_1 Best Intentions Contact Sheet_Page_2 Best Intentions Contact Sheet_Page_3

I’m hoping to build a little more familiarity with my work. I also hope to cultivate a buying audience, if possible. Big IF, here in The Hammer.

I plan to use only Abstract Expressionism works. Even tougher sell. Sure, my abstract work looks like ‘fine art’, but not representational, so not ‘Old Masters’ fine art. So, not as valuable, now that we’re out of the 20th Century, the great period of the increasingly misnamed ‘Modern Art’. ‘Contemporary art’, as we think of it today, was essentially born in the 1800s in the Impressionist movement. But in practical terms, it is a product of the mid to late 1900s, and in some ways, has still held sway in the 21st Century. However, it’s always been seen as an urbanist art movement, and suburban and rural communities are less interested in the formalist, intellectually-appealing works of Modern and Postmodern artwork.

As it is, I DO create more representational and figurative pieces. However, it’s not yet my primary focus in my painting. The Tarot series is an exception, but it’s slow going.

So what I’m doing is pushing forth my abstract work, to remind people that I do work on my own, as well as in collaboration with my wife. I’d like to do some other collaborations with other people as well, but it’s important that those be with the right people. Time will tell.

And it’s time to get back to work. Still got one interview to type up.

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