Booyah Trains and Underworld Agricorp Colonies

So I’m thinking once more about the YA trilogy I started last year (or was it the year before? I’ve been kinda busy), called The Passage to Bujah. The problem I got hung up on was that I was writing a story that had transsexuality built into it, and it got very complicated very, very quickly. I like it, and I want to get back to it, but it no longer makes sense as a straight YA story to me. I know YA is still doing fairly well, although it’s not quite as popular as it was in 2013, when every writer was tackling it.

I have this other story idea, which actually came from Dawn, who was talking about underground wheat farming in the arctic circle as a viable alternative to wheat farming on the surface, where pollution and destructive weather patterns are becoming prevalent. I started spinning that off into a few other ideas we had also talked about, and came to the conclusion that I had a major science fiction novel on my hands. I started calling it ‘Cold World’, because there were also supposed to be Chinese espionage agents and police states and stuff, just like back in the Cold War. Problem is, I really didn’t see anyone in the key roles. I had no real people coming to mind for the story, so it’s been sitting dormant, waiting for something to happen.

So there we sit, with two major world building sci-fi dystopian futures in the offing, one with characters and globe trotting and ecological disasters and cyber-nanotech and big damn trains and an entire society of transexuals with multiple genders to become, and on the other hand, I have corporate spies and multinational businesses behaving like police states, cyber-holographic technology and geothermal-powered cities and underground farmland, but no characters coming to mind. And then I started thinking, it’s a pretty big world, you know? What if they cohabitated? Surely we could work in Chinese spies and Corporate mercenaries in my loosely-planned world of super trains carrying the population of the world from one blasted city to the next to do repairs and such.

So yeah… the plan seems to be getting bigger. Might not be a trilogy. Might be something else. Not sure what. It’s part of the larger Link Worlds Continuum anyway. So maybe I start planning it as a YA thing and let the characters age into the rest of the worlds involved.

Just thinking out loud.


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