Branded a Charming Old Lovable Rogue

Still on a Big Big Train kick. Go listen to this.

Meanwhile, I had over a thousand words written on Departure, but decided I was expositioning (Expositing? Exposing?) too much, so I filed all but the first line into Research, and must now more or less begin again.

Also meanwhile, I’ve taken out a handful of books from the library, all on the topic of Tarot, and interestingly enough, some of the information there has come in quite handy for Departure, quite aside from my Tarot painting series project. Some astute observations about the dual nature of story versus game, and the four archetypes of the four suits of the Minor Arcana have helped me to clarify a few things I was grasping at with the plot. I love a little fortuitous Synchronicity, don’t you?

Keeping it positive, I will just say for the record that being bloated and gassy might not be helping my mood or focus too much, but at least I’m not genuinely ill, which a few days ago I feared I was heading towards.

Finally, I think I’m almost free of duties to perform for the neighbourhood association, despite my dear friend Natasha informing me that she sees no conflict of interest in the Group B plan, given that I submitted branding designs, and must now help set the rules and standards for the logo and suchlike. I suspect I’ll be having a fair bit of time to myself over the next while, after all. Maybe I’ll go back to drawing plans for the mural.

Time to set my plans for the day. Will it be writing, art, study or music? There may be another post later, once a decision has bee n arrived at.


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