Break All Those Chains That Keep You Tethered, That Keep You Safe

I want to make a master list of words I really want to make Tarot-type images for.

I want to plan each card to have lots of hidden details that help in the interpretation and telling of stories.

I want the cards to look gorgeous, and be in clever art styles so I can show off how dashed clever I am.

I may have to settle for ‘as good as I can get them’.

I really want the whole affair to be digital.

If I do it right, I could make a whole series of these kinds of story games.

If I do it wrong, I’ll probably never make another.

I’m quite enjoying the new Big Wreck album.

I need to finish the logo I’ve been designing for my friend’s new game.

I hope she still wants it.

I think it’s time to go do some drawing, until the contractor is done in the bathroom.

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