Brief Update – Multitrack Purchase

I haven't had any news to report in the last month because things have come to a stand still. However, in the interests of getting back on course, I just put through an eBay buy out for a new Zoom MRS1608CD multitrack. Not the sexiest on the market, but certainly the sweetest of the new breed at the price. Programmable drum and bass, 40 GB drive, CR writer, EQ, 16 tracks x10 virtual tracks, eight simultaneous inputs, effects unit, separate mix down stereo track x10 virtual mixes, punch in/punch out solo recording, pitch correction, cut and paste editting tools, the works. Really, I couldn't have afforded the bigger toys, and this gives me everything I was holdingout for.  I'd have been an idiot to walk away, so I didn't.

So that's the news. New recording equipment on the way. Won't it be nice to actually hear what I've been singing and playing for a change? Trying not to get overexcited, but really, I've needed one of these for a Very Long Time™. A Tascam would have made me feel safer, but Tascam doesn't have the added tools, and the pride range is more than I can handle right now. Even a Boss would make me feel slightly safer, but again, the price range is out of mine rightnow. And if this does the job, I'll deal with the slightly less intuitive interface. I've done it before.

Many thanks to my wife, who knows how long I've been fretting about this plan. Finally. Now, if only I get paid before Paypal clears the payment. Otherwise, disaster. Should have run it on the credit card, but I wasn't thinking when I hit the button. It should be alright. Just need to get paid on Friday and it's done.

So tell me, why am I so nervous?


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