Broken Bowls and Barely Beginnings

I was woken up in the early hours of morning (approximately 3 AM) to a noise that turned out to be the crashing of a collection of Emily Carr painting prints in a wooden case AND an entire bowl of mini chocolate bars in a white ceramic bowl to the floor. The bowl, as the title implies, is now broken, so I was on my knees in the early hours of morning picking up the shards of white glass out of the cheap shag carpet, before Dawn or I eviscerated ourselves.

Mischief managed, I made some Neo Citran for cold and flu, and sipped away while I contemplated the incomplete plot synopsis of my latest project, which, as forewarned, is entirely unrelated to Richard Burley, and is only theoretically related to one of my other play sets, the world of Link: Constellation and Dreamtropolis Fallen. It’s going to be a novel called The Constant Sea of Night. You can see the barest beginnings of it over HERE. I still haven’t actually started writing it, let alone plotted it sufficiently, but I devised a simplified book cover mock up, which is really just a placeholder until I do the real cover, which may happen some time in December or January, when I have more time. Here’s the placeholder cover:

I am still sick as a dog, and I still have StinZine stuff to do, but I am going to work in about 3000 words a day if I can, to complete the novel by the end fo the month, thus meeting the NaNoWriMo requirements, AND having a completed first draft to play with as the snow falls in… well, apparently it snowed a tiny bit last night when I wasn’t looking, but I kinda suspected it was, because aside from the usual rude biological functions I was contending with, I was also bone-rattlingly cold. The windows are now closed, so I am beginning to feel a wee bit more human, but I assure you, it has gone from about two weeks of autumn to the first days of winter, just as the prognosticators forewarned, myself among them.

So I gave Dawn the thumbs up to order her new coat, on sale for about $140 USD. After customs fees but also after a discount coupon she dug up, it actually came to something more like $130 CAD, so good stuff for us. She has completed a commission for a book cover she hopes to get paid for shortly, so that should cover that.

As I said earlier, and repeat often, like a mantra or a chant for the dead, I am sick. Today it’s runny nose and body aches, as well as the usual chest congestion and sore throat (most likely from the constant flow of mucus and phlegm). At least it hasn’t backed up into my ears the way it does for poor Dawn, who is also struggling with illness.

I have purchased two somewhat large blank canvases. 24″x30″ each. I have a plan that involves painting them together in various configurations, with these implements called brushes and knives, which I am told traditional (re: REAL) artists use instead of their hands, which are my preferred implements of paint distribution, at least when I am doing abstracts. So yes, two more abstracts, and these ones will be on a slightly larger scale than that last series. As they WILL be painted together, the net result will be a two-panel piece of either 48″x30″ or 60″x24″, depending on what the customer eventually decides is the most pleasing arrangement.

I’m moving into another phase where I want my work to be more interactive. Interactive abstraction isn’t a school yet, but I’ve been dabbling with it since 1992, and I aim to make it happen again, probably in 2015, when I hope to purchase some materials to make it possible for the viewer to safely rearrange the layers of each painting to the variation/configuration they like best. Those pieces are going to be my next abstract series, which I will probably generate fifteen to twenty new pieces for (enough for a showing), all on wood panel with layers of hinged or flexible plastic film. It requires a durability I haven’t seen yet, but I’m reasonably confident it exists. If it proves to be too expensive for me to do in 2015, I’ll put it off until I can get an alternate source of funding.

Speaking of funding, the remaining fourteen buttons are now at Mars Mart/Village Market and Gifts. They are now retailing for $15.00 CAD. I told you the price would go up. For those that have forgotten, they look like this:

All other projects are temporarily on hold, until I’m feeling better and can ramp up production on the important stuff, like the huge number of novels and songs and game modules I have to finish.

Okay, I think that covers things for today. Thank you for reading. Stay warm. Have a great weekend.


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