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My name is Lee, and I am seeking representation for Departure, the first volume in a planned trilogy of Young Adult Science Fiction adventures called Passage to Bujah.

Imagine a home world where the entire population of the planet travels and lives in one of a few dozen environmentally-sealed super-locomotives, large enough to house the populations of megacities; where the cities themselves have grown derelict and been abandoned; where the world is contaminated with the poisons, pollutants and radiation of the old world’s mismanaged resources; A world that once pioneered and then abandoned space migration, not because of dangerous neighbors, but because of rebellious colonies; Where evolution has had a push to make procreating and raising families possible again; Where people ride constantly from one station to the next, demolition zone to restoration zone, working to slowly reversing the damage of centuries of pollution and neglect; Where they are born, live and die preparing for the time of The Final Debarkation, when they can at last leave the Great Trains and begin civilization anew.

Into this world are born genetically-modified triplets, each destined for top class professions as architects of the restoration. Separated in childhood after an accident that killed their parents, Alana and Stefani, two of the three daughters, have recently reunited and are both graduating from Maker School, and are planning their future careers together, including the eventual reunion with their middle sister, Dena. But in a world as fractured and desperate as this, and in such uncertain times, can even two brilliant young Makers control where destiny leads them?

Welcome to Gaia, the Earth of the Twenty-Fourth Century. The people of Gaia are in constant motion, but are they moving toward a bright future, or down a spiraling tunnel with no end? Can two young sisters survive against incredible odds to help change their world, or will they be swallowed up by the infinite number of pitfalls and machinations that are set before them on the Passage to Bujah?

I am the author of the self-published titles, The Bride of War, Ashes: Infinite Redress, the ongoing LinkTales series, and Terminal Monday, amongst others. This trilogy and soliciting an agent and publisher for it are a sincere attempt to write something more commercial, but the concept is part of a larger framework I’ve been working on for a few years now, and I’m very passionate about it. I would like to send you a synopsis and the first five pages to peruse, if you are interested. I can be contacted via return email (thisATthatDOTwut) or at the number/address below.


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