But Time Is All I Have, And All That I Can Find

Good Morning, Strangers.

I have some street sign graphics to bang together.

I have to work on a few songs that I’ve been promising people.

Three prog rock albums I’m supposed to be recording are gathering dust.

I have to straighten out my wife’s membership with the YWCA gym.

But here’s where the list goes *sproing*:

I haven’t finished the new chapter 3 of The Uninvited Guest: THE GOOD GIRL (1 of 4).



Nor am I finished CUSTOMS AND ROAD SONGS OF LIMBO, a new collection of  31 (so far) random short stories I’ve been working on.

Nor is PASSAGE TO BUJAH: DEPARTURE anywhere near completion, for that matter.

LinkWorlds: THE DARK GUILD is still in its LINKTALES expanded excerpt phase, but I still have plans to rework it and write it out as a full novel, some day.

And my other collections, POISON PEN-LETTERS FROM LIMBO, CHILD OF THE FLICKERING LIGHTS OF LIMBO, and HOT NIGHTS IN LIMBO are all still a ways off from completion.

I’ve still only got the first acts of ASHES: INFINITE REDRESS and THE DEVIL’S CABINET MAKER done, to date.

AUTHOR UNKNOWN is languishing, gathering dust because I can’t seem to justify working on it. It could be a real hit, but it’s just a little bit too close to my favourite television show, so everyone I talk to about it flinches.

And I haven’t even started The Shadow Sygne trilogy, or Perpetual Tuesday, or Nemovitz, or The Dyskoveri Trylogi, or Road To Freedonia, and I’m probably forgetting something else somewhere that isn’t listed on my laptop.

Oh, yes! LinkWorlds: OCEANIA, Justin Goalkeeper: THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD, and Golem: THE DIVINE HOST are all stalled at only one or two chapters in, like Author Unknown, for pretty much the same reasons, and DREAMTROPOLIS FALLEN is still only a few of chapters in, as well. They were all published as short story orphans in THE BACK ROADS OF LIMBO, but I fully intend to finish them off properly, soonish.

And finally, there’s the Sunday Afternoon Matinée graphic novel E-zine I’ve been toying with for  years and years now. I still have every intention of getting that up and running.

It’s all been a matter of time and money, and , to be frank, making distractions go away so I can write. If I had more time and more readers, I’d reconsider Kickstarter, now that it’s working for Canada. But frankly, without a horde of devoted fans, crowdfunding won’t work either, if money is any kind of solution.

It’s a long and unflattering list of unfinished work. Standing too close to it can be overwhelming, I assure you. And I have no idea if it will ever all get done.

Time to do some work. Enjoy your day.


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